August 2016 - Lisa Rodriguez

A native Floridian, born in Tampa, Lisa has resided in the greater Orlando area for 45 years.  She studied at the University of Central Florida, obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1990, and was privileged to be under the tutelage of Steve Lotz, Johann Eyfells, and Robert Rivers.In March of 2010, a stroke and open-heart surgery that December, brought Lisa back into the art world, after raising four children.  Learning she could have been a quadriplegic, Lisa believes she’s been given a second chance at living and using the gift of creating art.

Lisa completed the challenging task of creating a 12 ½ ft  x  5 ft painting entitled “Peacock Pride,”(final stages in photo) in the spring and summer of 2010 for the international competition ~ ArtPrize.  “Peacock Pride” is her largest work to date, taking five months and encompassing over 1,000 hours of painting.Today Lisa continues to create vibrant paintings with an electric luminosity, achieved through a unique layering technique.  She remains grateful to be well and whole today, producing what she loves ~ “With each step of this incredible journey that I am on, it continues to grow deeper and richer.  I have always been fascinated with art and see it as an incredible gift from God.  It has a way of bridging distances between people ~ allowing perfect strangers to share a deep level of intimacy in a seamless way.  My hope is that the artwork I continue to create will be a blessing to all who view it bringing joy to the hearts of many for generations to come.”

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