Photo Credit: Angel Lalumondier


Winter Garden’s original fire station, located at 127 South Boyd Street, was built during the Great Depression with funds secured by Mayor George Walker from the Works Progress Administration (WPA) initiated under President Franklin D. Roosevelt. In order to apply to the WPA for funding, the mayor and fire chief Hoyle Pounds needed to submit plans and a rendering of the proposed building. Franklin Cappleman, a young college student at the time, had just completed an architectural drafting class at Georgia Tech and was recruited to draw up the plans. The building was constructed in 1938 according to his very amateur drawings.

The fire department’s siren was located on the adjacent water tower and could be activated by a switch from either the fire station or the Pounds Motor Company once located at 162 West Plant Street. The two locations shared a telephone party line so that when a fire was reported, both were notified. Long-time Winter Garden residents remember that the siren went off every day at noon, signaling lunch time.

The Old Fire Station in Winter Garden is a historic structure that was previously used by the city’s Recreation Department, later housed various businesses, and now preserves our heritage by living on with new purpose as the new 127 SOBO Art Gallery, home of the Winter Garden Art Association.


It is our vision to be an integral part of the community’s cultural and educational framework and to have a positive impact on the City of Winter Garden.


The mission of the Winter Garden Art Association is to encourage individual creativity and artistic expression, to promote community involvement and cooperation, and to advance the appreciation, education, and availability of Visual and Cultural arts.


The Winter Garden Art Association is a 501c3 non-profit association. Our objective is to expand public access to art by maintaining a facility and programs that nurture the individual and foster growth in the arts. The facility provides space to educate, explore, experience, and celebrate the many aspects of visual art and culture.

2017-18 Board of Directors

Paul Gerding, Chair
Mary Keating, Vice Chair
Susan House, Secretary
Stephanie Abell, Treasurer
Elizabeth McKinney (Past Chair)
Lesley Austin
Alan Bent
Kim Beltrame
Noreen Coup
Celida Dottino
Dianna Duffy
Joan Guerin
Ashley Keating
Nathanael (RT) Lovato
Kim Minichiello
Valerie Novick
Patrice Ragusa
Renee Schneider
Kim Stutsman